Brianna + Michael

get married…

Nov 7, 2017 under the fall colour and danced up a storm at their reception with family and friends!

Bride Holding Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Garter Belts & Jewellry
Bride walking down the aisle
Grooms Wedding Shoes
Brianna + Michael First Dance Wedding
Bride & Groom Looking into Each other's Eyes
Groom Kissing Bride on Nose
Close up Bride's Wedding Ring & Necklace
Bride Standing under Bride Balloon Banner
Brianna + Michael Wedding Party
Brianna with Bridesmaids having a pillow fight
Bride with Parents Money Dance
Bride showing some leg with groomsmen
Wedding Reception Entertainment Bongo Player with Bride and Groom
Brianna + Michael Wedding Ceremony
Brianna + Michael First Money Dance
Brianna + Michael Pink & White Wedding Cake
Brianna + Michael Wedding Couple