Illuminata + Roberto

get married…

Jan 6, 2018
Though the day was the coldest one of the year, Illuminata and Roberto had so much chemistry between them that they created enough heat for everyone celebrating with them! They filled our hearts with warmness!
Church: St. David’s
Venue: Presidente

Groom getting ready before the wedding putting on his tie
Groom getting ready before his wedding putting on his belt
Groom buttoning white shirt before Wedding
close up of Groom & Groomsman standing in snow
Groom about to put on cologne before his Wedding
Ring Bearer's first tast of champagne in kitchen
Groom's vows written on a notepad
Here Comes the Bride sign
Bride holding special Wedding day charms
Custom Hanger with Bride's name
Bride boudoir photography showing garter
Bride posing with veil
Bride & Groom with children walking down stairs
Wedding Church Ceremony looking down the aisle
Groom holding Bride over snow
Black & White photo of Bride & Groom close up
Bride & Groom standing behind pool table
Bride & Groom close up
Groom dipping Bride
Bride & Groom's first dance with smoke machine
Bride & Father dance at reception
Groom hugging his mother on the dancefloor
Live Entertainment at reception of man on stilts
Bride & Groom kissing over wedding cake